Tips for Promoting the Feed the Pig Savings Message

  1. Place a link to on your website or intranet.

  2. Use the social media posts (link) to spread the campaign’s savings message via your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  3. One on one, mention Feed the Pig to your colleagues, interns or summer college students in the 25-34 age bracket. Follow up with emails that include links to

  4. Place the Feed the Pig article (link) in your company newsletter/magazine, website or intranet.

  5. Keep a piggy bank on your desk with a little sign that says “Ask me about Benjamin.”

  6. Work with your state CPA society or local service and community organizations to sponsor Feed the Pig events. 

  7. Feed the Pig is a national campaign.  If you have offices in other cities or states, spread the word at these locations, too.

  8. Organize a lunch-time seminar on the subject of saving targeted to the 24-35 year olds in your workplace.  Materials are available here (link).

  9. Use the radio PSAs (link) in your on hold messages.

  10. Notify your state CPA society that you are available to speak with the media about financial tips and guidance for 24-35 year olds.