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Blockchain for Supply Chain | Go beyond disruption

4 years ago · 14 min listen

"People say that everybody has a different reality. Now with Blockchain, everybody has the SAME reality".

From AICPA & CIMA's office in Durham, North Carolina, Zinaida Mahmutefendic talks to Senior Digital Architect James Barnes and Peter Rehm, a former CPA with wide experience inside some of the USA's largest financial services companies.

Our guests:

  • James Barnes was a Senior Digital Architect at Globant, LLC. He worked at IBM as well as across a multitude of industries including manufacturing, insurance, finance, retail, and food service. He has a keen interest in the potential of blockchain and how it can be applied to improve all industries.

  • Peter Rehm is a former CPA with significant accounting experience at financial services industry giants such as Suntrust, Bank of America, PNC, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and at Fannie Mae, the mortgage banker. He has spent the past year learning and teaching finance professionals and general interest level groups about blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

We discussed:

Some of the most pertinent questions relating to this game-changing technology, including:

  • Where is the Supply Chain today?

  • Why is Blockchain a game changer?

  • How does cross-chain communication work?

  • How would it help in cases of trust and 'smart' contracts What are the benefits to the auditing of global supply chains?

The webinar course:

To find out about their forthcoming "Blockchain for Supply Chain" webinars on September 6th and October 17th 2018, please visit this AICPA store webpage. It will provide particular value to:

  • Business professionals looking to understand more about how blockchain technology can be implemented in various supply chains

  • Accounting and finance professionals seeking more information on blockchain

  • Business decision makers looking to run blockchain projects

The course is part of the Blockchain Learning Programme. Fees are in USD.

For Blockchain-related programmes and learning modules on our UK site, see this Blockchain page on the CGMA Store website. Fees in GBP.

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What did you think of this?

Every bit of feedback you provide will help us improve your experience

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