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EBPAQC member logos and logo usage guidelines

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Consistent usage of the EBPAQC Center logo will increase brand recognition, enhance awareness, and provide maximum value for your Center membership.

The logo is available below in color and in a variety of formats for both online and print media. The .eps format is often preferred electronically by outside printers when ordering printed material—be sure to check with your printer to determine which format they prefer.

To ensure consistent use of the EBPAQC logo, we have established the following usage guidelines.

Usage Guidelines

What are the different logos the AICPA makes available for members to use?
We are committed to helping you promote the CPA profession and increase the visibility of your designation(s) and specialized expertise among current and potential clients, employers, accounting students and the public. That’s why we offer member logos for your use. These include the CPA logo and the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center member logo. Before using the appropriate AICPA membership logo, make sure the usage complies with your state board requirements.

Who may use the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center logo?
The Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center logo should only be used by EBPAQC members in good standing. If your AICPA EBPAQC membership is terminated, you will no longer be eligible to use the EBPAQC logo.

The use of the EBPAQC logo on letterhead, business cards, and other marketing materials is governed by the rules of the board of accountancy in the state(s) in which you practice, so be sure to check those guidelines, too.

Where can I use the EBPAQC logo?
The EBPAQC logo may be used in a number of different ways. Before implementing any of the marketing ideas listed below, please carefully read the EBPAQC logo usage guidelines noted above to ensure proper usage of the EBPAQC logo.

  • Include it on your web site.

  • Include the EBPAQC logo along with information about the Center in your marketing brochures.

  • Include the EBPAQC logo on your firm’s business cards.

  • Include information about the EBPAQC firm membership in your professional biography.

  • Add the EBPAQC logo to your fax cover sheets.

  • If appropriate, incorporate the EBPAQC logo into your corporate stationery.

  • Use the EBPAQC logo and information about your membership in the Center in your proposals in accordance with the EBPAQC usage guidelines noted above.

  • Include the EBPAQC logo in your PowerPoint presentations. In addition, to your company logo, you can incorporate the EBPAQC logo on the master slide and have the logo appear on all slides.

  • Make sure to include the announcement of your EBPAQC membership and the EBPAQC logo in your company newsletter, if you have one.

  • Include the logo on any Center membership announcements that you send out to clients, prospects, and contacts.

Can I redraw or recreate these logos or change colors?
No. The logos must be used as they have been created and may not be redrawn or recreated but may be reduced in size. When reducing it in size, always ensure the logo remains legible.

Is there a minimum print size for the logo?
Yes. To ensure the legibility of the logos, the minimum recommended print size is .625 inches high. If it is reduced further, be sure it remains legible.

Are there restrictions on where the logos may be placed on stationery and business cards?
No. You may place the desired logo anywhere you prefer. However, be sure to keep a globe’s distance clear space around the mark.

May I run the logo in any color?
No. There are three color options for the CPA logo and AICPA membership logos: gradient purple, black or white (knockout to background).

EBPAQC Member Logo Formats

Each logo is available in a hi-res format (eps) for use in high quality printing or jpeg for Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, online, etc.

Download the Download jpg

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-color.jpg

Download the Download eps

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-color.eps

Download the Download png

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-color.png

Download the Download jpg black

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-black.jpg

Download the Download eps black

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-black.eps

Download the Download png black

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-black.png

Download the  Download eps white

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-white.eps

Download the Download png white

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-white.png

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