EBPAQC member logos and logo usage guidelines
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EBPAQC member logos and logo usage guidelines

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Consistent usage of the EBPAQC Center logo will increase brand recognition, enhance awareness, and provide maximum value for your Center membership.

The logo is available below in color and in a variety of formats for both online and print media. The .eps format is often preferred electronically by outside printers when ordering printed material—be sure to check with your printer to determine which format they prefer.

To ensure consistent use of the EBPAQC logo, we have established the following usage

Download the Download jpg

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-color.jpg

Download the Download eps

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-color.eps

Download the Download png

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-color.png

Download the Download jpg black

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-black.jpg

Download the Download eps black

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-black.eps

Download the Download png black

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-black.png

Download the  Download eps white

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-white.eps

Download the Download png white

File name: aicpa-ebpaqc-member-white.png

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