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Defined benefit plan document tracker tool

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This EBPAQC tool is intended to be used by auditors to track requests for audit information for a defined benefit pension plan audit from the plan sponsor, administrator, recordkeeper and others who may have plan information necessary to perform the audit. Firms may insert their name and logo and delete the tool instruction information in the shaded area (row 6) before sending along to clients.

The tool is conveniently prepopulated with the most common information requested in defined benefit pension plan audits. However, it is not intended to be all-inclusive for all audit situations and the auditor may need to request other information that is not listed in this tool. The tool can and should be customized to the specific plan audit client by adding, deleting or editing the rows of audit information.

This tool includes features to help firms easily track their requests. When a “Target date” is entered, the “Days to complete” column automatically populates, and as information is received simply enter “complete” in the “Days to complete” column and the row will appear shaded in gray.

The information request tracker includes information related to:

  • Plan documents and other agreements

  • Correspondence and committee meetings

  • Plan governance/related parties/parties in interest

  • Financial and compliance reporting

  • Financial reporting disclosure items

  • Type 2 SOC 1 reports

  • Trustee items

  • Contributions and participant eligibility information

  • Distribution information

  • Administrative expense items

  • Detail investment schedules

  • Obligation and actuarial items

  • Other items to complete

  • Plan merger or spin-offs

  • Change in custodian/trustee/recordkeeper for cash balance plans

  • Change in actuary

  • Initial audits

  • Terminating plans

  • Additional 401(h) requests

  • Additional cash balance plan requests

Also included are helpful tips for using the tool.

Download the DB Plan Document Tracker Tool

File name: db-plan-document-tracker-tool.xlsx

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What did you think of this?

Every bit of feedback you provide will help us improve your experience

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