Navigating the Future: Acceleration Framework
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Navigating the Future: Acceleration Framework

2 years ago · 2 min read

Navigating the Future is designed to communicate the scale and pace of technological change, the multipart initiative is based on future-proofing resources that help reveal new opportunities and business models for CPA firms.

Program Goals

Through a combination of thought leadership, interactive exercises, and rapid prototyping sessions, Navigating the Future’s goals include:

  • Clearly communicating the current, unprecedented pace of technologi¬cal advancements

  • Illustrating specific changes that ar¬tificial intelligence, machine learn¬ing, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and blockchain, among other technolo¬gies, are bringing to the profession

  • Helping firms anticipate and under¬stand the scale of these disruptions

  • Providing firms with tools for pre¬dicting and preparing for the future, both within their own organization and on behalf of clients

  • Relaying the shifting economics of the profession more broadly

A central component of Navigating the Future is the Disruption Map, an exercise that allows organizations to strategically predict what the future will look like. Over the course of the program,, in conjunction with Finette, ran disruption map exercises hundreds of times, helping firms un¬cover not just how technology impacts the future but how these changes will affect their business, both in the short and long-term. “What’s useful about this is it uncovers potential threats as well as new opportunities far sooner than an ordinary status quo assess¬ment,” said Erik Asgeirsson, CEO and president of

Forces Reshaping the Accounting Profession

Navigating the Future is designed to help firms viscerally under¬stand the forces reshaping the accounting profession in order to prepare for the future. “Technology is changing exponential¬ly and we felt firms had to come to grips with the implications much more rapidly than they are now,” Asgeirsson said. “You can have a the¬oretical grasp of what change means, but it’s a different thing to apply it to your own practice or to your clients’ businesses.”

That was one of the main goals of the year-long program: provide ac¬tionable tools that take concepts with theoretical and practical appli¬cation to a business. “This process provides us the ability to take our anticipatory insights for clients, rank them and then develop real tan¬gible action items,” said Joey Havens, Managing Partner at HORNE, a regional accounting firm that participated in a virtual session. “This discipline is something we should be consistently deploying across the firm’s market segments at least annually.”

This paper focuses on key insights derived from the Navigating the Fu¬ture program, drawing on research, interviews, interactive exercises, and working sessions to:

  • Explore frameworks for thinking about exponential change

  • Present strategies for identifying disrup¬tors across a variety of industries, along with their 2nd and 3rd level implications

  • Empower firms to begin future-proofing their organizations and create an action plan for the years ahead

Read the full report, Navigating the Future, to learn key insights derived from the program.
View the Navigating the Future for an introduction to the program.

Navigating the Future Introduction Video

We are living in a data driven economy and algorithmic era, where we are starting to understand the opportunities and are not alarmed by the risks.

Navigating the Future is a program that brings awareness, provides resources and catalyzes new business models to future forward the profession. The program is a collaborative initiative between and futurist, Pascal Finette of Radical Ventures and Singularity University.

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