CVFI: Apply expertise to enhance your career in financial instruments
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CVFI: Apply expertise to enhance your career in financial instruments

2 years ago · 2 min read

In major markets around the world, government regulatory agencies, central and commercial banks, financial exchanges and trading firms, and corporate institutions have been clamoring for increased transparency into processes and consensus on standards related to the valuation of financial instruments. Deficiencies in the valuation and accounting treatment of financial instruments continue to be highlighted year after year, with any regulatory rulings or market legislation seemingly a very loosely coordinated patchwork of reactive measures. Given this demanding and dynamic environment, now is the time in which your passion for making a difference, your dedication to your craft and career, and your commitment to continuous advancement are needed to all come together.

Earning the AICPA Certified in the Valuation of Financial Instruments (CVFI®) credential now will help you be a part of the answer to these persistent issues by employing a tested and robust framework for increasing the transparency of processes, and adhering to and advocating for established standards. The CVFI credential will also distinguish you from your finance industry practitioner peer group by showcasing your training, experience and testing in financial instruments.

The CVFI credential is granted exclusively by the AICPA to valuation professionals who demonstrate experience in preparing fair value estimates for financial instruments, complete an educational program in this area, and pass a rigorous examination from a far-reaching Body of Knowledge covering the most relevant valuation, regulatory, risk, and industry topics. The objectives of the CVFI credential program are to:

  • Increase professional development and career opportunities for CVFI credential holders.

  • Better convey the contents of financial instruments.

  • Improve the consistency, documentation, and clarity of the valuation of financial instruments.

  • Enhance the quality of valuation services CVFI credential holders provide.

  • Provide all stakeholders transparency into the fair valuation of complex securities.

CVFI professionals follow the AICPA’s Financial Instruments Performance Framework (FIPF). The FIPF is designed to enhance consistency and transparency in the performance of fair value measurements to the benefit of the public interest. The CVFI infographic describes the two pathways to qualify for the CVFI credential, a conventional pathway and an experienced pathway.

Now is the time to enhance your career

Investors’ trust is crucial during these challenging times. Earning the CVFI credential signifies your knowledge of the scope of work and extent of documentation needed to support your valuations. CVFI professionals follow a robust established valuation processes, exercising informed judgment and following concepts outlined in the FIPF that ensure useful supportable valuations. The CVFI credential is intended for all parties involved in the life cycle of a financial instrument, including controllers, valuation specialists and auditors. The credential and its framework are applicable independent of whether the fair value estimate will be used internally or externally and are designed to facilitate communication and cooperation among valuation professionals.

CVFI eligibility requirements

CPAs and valuation professionals who want to apply for the CVFI credential must:

  • Be an AICPA member in good standing

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

  • Follow one of two pathways to qualify for the CVFI credential.

    • The conventional pathway requires education on the CVFI Body of Knowledge, a minimum of 3,000 hours of valuation-related experience within five years preceding the date of the application and passing an exam on the body of knowledge.

    • The experienced pathway requires education on the FIPF, at least ten years and 6,000 hours of experience related to fair value estimates of financial instruments and passing an exam on the FIPF.

  • Submit the CVFI credential application and the application fee.

Refer to the CVFI Credential Program Handbook or the CVFI Credential FAQs for further details. Start your path toward becoming a CVFI credential holder today.

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What did you think of this?

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