CEIV credential holders deliver quality, consistency, and transparency
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CEIV credential holders deliver quality, consistency, and transparency

2 years ago · 2 min read

Market volatility, supply chain interruption, and business forecasts requiring constant monitoring and updating, are just a few of the challenges valuation professionals are faced with when preparing a valuation during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is critical in these uncertain and ever-changing times that valuations are transparent and well supported. Auditors, clients, and regulators must be able to readily understand why and what methods and assumptions were used in developing the valuation, and a valuation professional who understands these needs will be providing value and confidence when it’s needed most.


The Certified in Entity and Intangible ValuationsTM (CEIVTM) [1] is a global valuation credential for CPAs and Finance Professionals that provides market recognition to professionals who perform fair value measurements for entities and intangible assets for financial reporting purposes.

The CEIV credential adds credibility and indicates expertise and competency in areas that include:

  • Fair value for financial reporting

  • Valuation of businesses, business interests, and intangible assets

  • Impairment analysis

  • Valuations that are thoroughly supported and documented valuations that improve transparency and auditability

Furthermore, the CEIV demonstrates your commitment to adhere to hold yourself to a higher level of professional competence by adhering to the AICPA’s i) Code of Professional Conduct; and ii) Statement on Standards for Valuation Services (VS 100).

Why Now?

Now more than ever it is important for valuation professionals to understand the valuation landscape (i.e., valuation approaches and methods, auditing and accounting standards relevant to valuation, compliance with financial reporting requirements), and be able to integrate that understanding into their valuations. The CEIV affirms your value to current and potential clients and peers and promotes a greater level of confidence in your knowledge and skills. The CEIV also affords access to a global community in which you can network and grow with other professional valuation professionals with similar expertise and interests.

What’s the process?

All CEIV candidates are required to demonstrate competency in fundamental valuation principles and fair value measurements by:

  • passing a Valuation Exam from AICPA, CFA, ASA or RICS or holding any of the following designations ABV, CFA, ASA, MRICS or FRICS;

  • passing the CEIV Exam;

  • meeting the experience and education requirements

    • minimum of 3,000 hours of experience performing fair value measurements in the 10 years preceding application with at least half (1,500 hours) in the preceding five years,

    • hold a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent),

    • successfully complete the CEIV credential education

  • agreeing to adhere to the quality monitoring requirements

Click here to find out more about the benefits of the CEIV credential and how to start the path towards distinguishing yourself as valuation professional.

[1] The trademarks CEIV and CERTIFIED IN ENTITY AND INTANGIBLE VALUATIONS are owned by Corporate and Intangibles Valuation Organization, LLC, and are used under license agreements between Corporate and Intangibles Valuation Organization, LLC and RICS, ASA, and AICPA.

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What did you think of this?

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