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AICPA University Program in Information Technology

1 year ago · 2 min read

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, transforming our profession and continuously expanding opportunities for accounting and finance professionals to deliver value to clients and employers. There is growing demand for accounting professionals with specialized skills and knowledge of technology and systems to help organizations achieve their business goals, manage the risk technology introduces as well as meet information governance, risk and compliance needs. What better way to start students on the pathway to becoming an information technology accountant than to start educating them now while they are in your classroom. The AICPA has resources to help guide your students for the evolving technological future. Together, we will prepare students to enter the profession equipped to serve clients and employers. Contact us at for more information.

An Information Technology Program designed for Accounting students

The AICPA information technology program for accounting students is designed to systematically introduce essential knowledge pertaining to the integration of information technology in accounting and the impact of each of the following, within the context of financial reporting:

  • Information security and cyber risks

  • Business intelligence, data management and analytics

  • IT governance, risks and controls

The program covers a body of knowledge that aligns with the AICPA’s Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP®) Credential exam and builds off the CPA body of knowledge.

The AICPA provides participating schools with the following:

  • A channel to purchase the Complete Guide to the CITP Body of Knowledge – CITP Exam Review Course.

  • Complimentary membership in the AICPA for students, which includes access to the latest technology information, tools and resources.

  • A promotion code for students and the course instructor to take the CITP Exam at no cost while in school or within a year of graduation.

  • A designated AICPA staff member to readily assist with questions regarding the program.

Requirements of participating schools:

  • Encourage students to explore the CITP credential pathway by including material in their courses or providing a link to the credential pathway and/or CITP logo on their website.

Model Information Technology Curriculum

The AICPA developed the Model Information Technology Curriculum (MITC) as a resource for accounting educators seeking to develop or enhance their course offerings. The MITC has been designed to help students gain foundational skills and knowledge related to the integration of information technology in accounting and to increase students’ chances for success, regardless of their chosen career path.

The MITC’s primary objective is to provide students with an understanding of the integral role of information technology within the accounting profession. To achieve this objective, the MITC recommends that faculty use a framework to help students organize their knowledge. The framework should consist of a series of topics, whether in a single course or multiple courses, which are integrated in a logical manner. The MITC provides accounting educators with a sample framework which can be tailored to specific needs or adopted in its entirety.

Why Partner with AICPA to add IT to your Curriculum

  • Be one of the first accounting programs to meet the demand, growth and opportunities in information technology.

  • Help your students satisfy the accounting hours needed to meet the CPA education requirement.

  • Provide students with greater opportunity through work toward multiple credentials, such as the CPA and Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP®), efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

  • Full support of the AICPA in development of your university program.

  • Students will be eligible to take the CITP exam at no charge while still in school or within a year of graduation.

  • Professors will be eligible to take the CITP exam at no charge.

  • Recognition by the AICPA through the press and the ability for the university to market collaboratively with AICPA. Network with practitioners in your area via the CITP Champion Program. CITP Champions may volunteer to serve as guest speakers in the classroom.

  • Contact us today at for more information.

Paul Warrick, CPA, CGMA

Paul Warrick is a Senior Manager with Advisory Services and Credentialing at the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, where he supports the Technology Advisory Division.

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What did you think of this?

Every bit of feedback you provide will help us improve your experience

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