7 reasons to date a finance professional
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7 reasons to date a finance professional

2 years ago · 3 min read · AICPA Insights Blog

Let’s face it—relationships are hard. No matter how smitten you may be, being with someone takes hard work, hard conversations and hard commitments. Some fish in the sea are softening these blows by choosing partners who compliment—and complement them.

Fortunately, finance professionals are so well-rounded that their skill sets are likely an asset in every relationship. If you’re splashing around in the dating pool, here are seven reasons you should tag a finance professional as your next partner.

  1. They pay attention to detail
    Finance professionals make their living paying attention to the little things. And being paid to be detail-oriented means you can rest assured that your finance boo will notice that new haircut, that new nail color or that new beard trim. They’ll audit your taste and take note of all the quirks that make you, you.

    Renowned for tailoring their services to clients’ needs, expect your finance professional to be emotionally intelligent, understand your love language and continuously work at fulfilling your needs—even those you didn’t know you had.

  2. You’ll never have to calculate the tip
    What’s 20% of $74.28? Good news: you’re off the hook. After the plates are cleared, it’s your time to get up, stretch, go to the restroom or find the car keys. Because by the time you’ve unlocked your phone and found your calculator app, your human TI-85 has corrected the tax calculation, figured out 20% and rounded up the amount for convenience. Finally! You can officially skip the embarrassing math quiz at the end of each dinner date and focus on dreaming about the leftovers. That’s real love right there.

  3. Consistency? Check. Stability and security? Check and check.
    Some people think accounting is all about routines. This may be right. And while routines may come with their own set of caveats, one thing they do remarkably well is create consistency. And consistency yields results.

    Who wants to date the person who’s hot and cold? Relationships don’t thrive that way. They thrive when you stay the course through the ups and the downs—the peaks and the recessions. When someone is consistent, she/he provides a sense of stability that makes your feel secure enough to be vulnerable—to grow and get comfortable at the same time.

  4. They know work-life balance
    You won’t have to worry about finance bae getting too clingy, especially during tax season. Whether they’re offering sound business advice, filing people’s taxes or running audits, finance professionals dedicate their workdays to their clients’ goals and happiness. For their partner, that means ample amounts of “me time” and space. But don’t worry, finance professionals know all about balance. They can multitask like no other, so you won’t have to worry about feeling neglected either.

  5. They’re great under pressure
    Relationships will be tested. You know who’s passed quite a few tests in their lives? You guessed it. Accountants.

    Acquiring CPA or CGMA credentials means passing a series of tests. It means being extremely familiar with pressure. And let’s not forget the intensity and stress that comes with tax season! You probably want to date someone who will be able to weather the many storms of life. Finance professionals are used to performing and excelling under all types of pressure. Expect accountants to rise to the occasion. During inevitable trying times, you’ll wish you had a partner with this agile mindset and killer soft skills.

  6. Guess who’s handling the taxes?
    I’ll give you one guess. It rhymes with money. That’s right, when tax time comes around, your honey could offer you support and file on your behalf. Or your fiscal flame could make a sound recommendation to another tax professional. Or they could try to let you do your own taxes and risk jail time due to misfiling., but since I strongly doubt your significant other wants to spend Valentine’s Day matching palm sizes with you through a bulletproof windowpane, it’s safe to say, if you date an accounting guru, you can comfortably put your feet up when tax season comes.

  7. You can trust them
    If you don’t have trust, you have nothing. After medical professionals and teachers, accountants are most likely to know the intimate details about our lives—our secrets even. Clients trust their accountants to advise on the toughest decisions when it comes to investments, assets and other financial matters. Depending on the magnitude of what an accountant does, clients could even be trusting them with their freedom. If their clients can trust them with their entire lives, you can do the same with your heart.

Few people will understand your worth like a finance pro, so if you feel like you’re drowning in the dating pool, come up for air and come to your senses. Try dating an accountant.

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