Core Values 

From CPA Vision Project Final Report: 

Core Values:
The essential and enduring beliefs that we uphold over time. Core values enable us to retain our unique character and value as we embrace the changing dynamics of the global economy.

Continuing Education and Life-Long Learning: CPAs highly value continuing education beyond certification and believe it is important to continuously acquire new skills and knowledge.

CPAs will actively seek to expand their range of new competencies and enhanced skills by integrating learning and working experiences. For example: CPE, on-the-job training, Internet programs, targeted reading, writing, and benchmark studies. CPAs will remain committed to staying on the leading edge of expanding knowledge and be increasingly aware of public need and interest. CPAs will make a personal commitment to the time and resources needed to meet these new demands. Formal education curriculum and CPE will be revitalized to provide skills for enhanced services and new competencies and to attract quality entrants to the profession.

Competence: CPAs are able to perform high quality work in a capable, efficient, and appropriate manner.

All CPAs will adhere only to the highest standards of performance. This includes performing high quality work that is designed to share knowledge and deliver value to the end user and translating “big picture” perceptions into strategic action. CPAs will be able to link specialized services to broader areas of business practice. Competence will continue to be an ever-shifting target as business demands for knowledge and insight increase. This value will increase the focus on the need for high quality pre- and post-CPA examination education and cannot be separated from Continuing Education and Life Long Learning.

Integrity: CPAs conduct themselves with honesty and professional ethics.

Founded in a history of public interest, CPAs uphold astringent code of professional conduct and unquestionable ethics. CPAs have a reputation for integrity, honesty, and professionalism that is well deserved. New standards may be established to further support the role of CPAs as trusted professionals in the competitive marketplace. CPAs place professional responsibility above personal gain and reject opportunities or assignments that may compromise their principle of integrity. This revered level of integrity will require increased vigilance as new services and market expectations develop.

Attuned to Broad Business Issues: CPAs are in tune with the overall realities of the business.
CPAs will develop a deep understanding of the global, national, and marketplace environment and the impact of forces on various types of organizations, including their own business. CPAs will align with other areas of business practice and other professionals to provide value-added services in the marketplace. CPAs will continuously expand their knowledge and competencies to meet a broader range of market needs and enhance the role of the profession in the business world. Keeping abreast of technology is critical to increased opportunities for CPAs to optimize performance and expand services.

Objectivity: CPAs are able to deal with information free of distortions, personal bias, or conflicts of interest.

Inherent in a foundation value of objective public interest, CPAs will further develop a mindset that is uniquely and contextually appropriate in analysis, interpretation, and decision-making processes. CPAs provide advice that is unbiased, and clearly articulates the pros and cons of potential courses of action. CPAs will experience greater demand for their uniquely objective services and products in broader areas of business practice in the age of information overload.

The world has changed since 1998, do these core competencies still apply today to the CPA profession?  Will they apply in the future?  To weigh in, view these videos, share your insights and voice your thoughts in the discussion forums.


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