The lifelong learning revolution is on. Are you ready?

AICPA Special News Update

July 1, 2014


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AICPA News Update
July 1, 2014 Volume 21 No. 26
Special Report – Future of Learning
The lifelong learning revolution is on. Are you ready?

As a CPA, you are constantly on the go, providing quality services to diverse clients in a competitive, rapidly evolving marketplace. These increasing business complexities require greater depths of knowledge than ever before.

From attending conferences and reading articles to brainstorming with peers and watching online videos, learning happens everywhere. While CPAs constantly adopt new ways to access information, the professional development landscape often remains stuck in the past. But it can’t stay there much longer.

What if professional development…

  • Wasn’t one-size-fits-all?
  • Was available anytime, anywhere, on any device?
  • Allowed credit for learning in bite-size increments, rather than 50 minutes?
  • Was catered to your specific needs and goals?
  • Was measured by actual learning rather than time spent in a classroom?

No more “what ifs.” The time to spark a learning revolution is here.
The AICPA’s new Future of Learning site explores a new vision, developed by a task force on the Future of Learning, to reinvent lifelong learning and competency in the CPA profession. There you can see the roadmap for what’s to come and hear from leaders in the profession, top learning experts and young CPAs who are blazing the path forward. Uncover new ways to sharpen your competitive edge and demonstrate your commitment to the profession’s highest values of competence, integrity and quality.

We want to hear from you. Add your own comments and insights to the Future of Learning site or join the AICPA Member Idea Exchange to discuss Future of Learning concepts in depth.  

Inspiring action in the profession
No one knows exactly where these many changes will take our profession in the next decade. However, thinking through the implications of the Future of Learning initiative now ensures professional development and delivery stays relevant, and that you not only will acquire professional skills, but remain nimble, insightful and prepared for whatever is to come.

To hear more from the task force on these recommendations, check out a series of videos on AICPA TV. Plus, you can explore the full recommendations and insights on the Future of Learning site.