Special News Update - Feb. 14, 2014

Special Tax Issue with News and Resources

February 14, 2014


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AICPA News Update
February 14, 2014 Volume 21 No. 6
This special issue of News Update is dedicated to providing our members with helpful tax resources and news. You can stay up to date on tax news this busy season through The Tax Adviser, AICPA Insights and Tax Insider.
Educate Your Clients on Tax Law Changes with the Tax Practitioner’s Toolkit
  Now that tax season is here, let the new and enhanced materials from the Tax Practitioner’s Toolkit save you some time. Many of these tools – such as talking points about fees, client letters, PowerPoints and the Tax Law Snapshot brochure – can be customized to complement your existing communications. Among the new items this year: a two-page overview of key tax changes and FAQs on extensions for clients. Read more in a special AICPA News Update issued in December.
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  Join the Tax Section today to receive full access to premium content and practice tools on the Tax Center website. You also will get biweekly e-alerts that allow you to stay up to date on critical tax developments and exclusive discounts on conferences, webcasts and the print version of The Tax Adviser – the CPA profession’s top tax magazine. Tax Section members are also eligible to volunteer on task forces and panels that help shape the AICPA’s policy on key tax issues. Join today and see why the AICPA Tax Section is more than 26,000 members strong.
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Sign Up for Free CPA Letter Daily to Get Tax News Each Weekday
  Join more than 200,000 of your colleagues as the AICPA’s free CPA Letter Daily  counts down to the tax filing deadline in a special section, Tax Season Watch. This daily section features two tax articles and a resource for tax season. If you are not already a subscriber to CPA Letter Daily, sign up today for free. You also will be able to access the day’s tax articles through a special RSS feed that can be displayed on your personal or organization’s website.
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Top Tax Resources for the 2014 Tax Season
  What else do you need for tax season besides, of course, sympathetic family and friends? Keep these resources from the AICPA bookmarked to help you prepare returns, including marketing and client outreach tools and information on professional standards and the Affordable Care Act. Find more of the top tax resources for the 2014 season on AICPA Insights.
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Free Tax Season Resources from the AICPA PFP Division
  The AICPA’s Personal Financial Planning Division understands your time and attention are limited, so access the resources available at aicpa.org/PFP/TaxSeason designed to support you in meeting your clients’ financial planning needs. Download a checklist, created by expert CPA financial planners, to identify financial planning opportunities as you analyze your client’s tax returns. Additionally, utilize Forefield content (like the 2014 Key Numbers) to efficiently educate and communicate with your clients during busy season.
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No Need to Navigate Tangible Property Regulations Alone
  Visit this AICPA resource web page to get the latest regulations and guidance for tangible property regulations. You can also find tools and articles to help you understand and apply the tangible property regulations, including a summary of its provisions.
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