Get to know your community & learn from each other in this series
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Get to know your community & learn from each other in this series

3 months ago · 2 min read

Welcome to Deeper CPA financial planner connections, a podcast series dedicated to impactful stories of your CPA financial planning community and the wisdom gained along the way. I am Lyle Benson, past chairman of the PFP Executive Committee, and your host for these episodes, along with the AICPA PFP team.

The idea for these connections was born as I reflected on my career as a CPA financial planner and my 30 years of volunteering with the AICPA PFP Section. So much of what I have learned and do every day has come from my colleagues in this community. The conversations in this series are an opportunity to learn from your peers at a deeper level so that you can gain knowledge from the experiences derived along their journeys.

We hope you can take away an idea or two from each episode that might help you grow as a CPA financial planner to best serve your clients and move your firm and yourself forward! Enjoy!

Episode One: Lyle Benson, CPA/PFS – Find out how Lyle has created a successful firm and a balanced life.

Episode Two: Michael Goodman, CPA/PFS – Learn how Michael went from a lifestyle practice to an enterprise.

Episode Three: Sue Stevens, CPA/PFS - Hear about Sue’s unusual and winding path to becoming a CPA financial planner.

Episode Four: Jean-Luc Bourdon, CPA/PFS – Discover Jean-Luc’s ultra-customized and “retirement tribe” approach with clients.

Episode Five: Beth Gamel, CPA/PFS – Find out how Beth created a successful retirement, financially and psychologically.

Episode Six: Ted Sarenski, CPA/PFS - Find out how curiosity took Ted on a journey from tax accountant to CPA financial planner.

Episode Seven: Scott Sprinkle, CPA/PFS – Learn how Scott lives his passion by playing the quarterback who connects the dots for his clients with their tax, investment, financial planning, and life planning needs.

Episode Eight: Akemi Dalvi, CPA/PFS – Tune is as Akemi shares how she has built a financial planning business to serve middle market Japanese Americans and how the pandemic has led to endless possibilities.

Episode Nine: Howard Safer, CPA/PFS - Hear advice from Howard on how to help clients create holistic financial wellness.

Episode Ten: Lori Luck, CPA/PFS - Learn how Lori’s own life events and her business, finance, and tax acumen led her to create her own personal financial planning business.

Episode 11: David Oransky, CPA/PFS - Listen to David share how he started his financial planning firm from scratch at 26 and how it has evolved into a job he loves today.

Episode 12: Mackey McNeill, CPA/PFS - Discover how Mackey has created her three passion businesses by leading from the inside out for herself and her clients.

Episode 13: Mark Astrinos, CPA/PFS - Find out how Mark overcame his fear of making bold and scary moves that landed him with his ideal business that serves his ideal life.

Episode 14: Brooke Salvini, CPA/PFS - Brooke shares her journey to creating and evolving her boutique financial planning firm, including how she added investment management services.

Episode 15: Lyle Benson, CPA/PFS, and Andrea Millar, CPA/PFS – Lyle and Andrea discuss the seven recurring themes and lessons learned in this series from the many stories shared.

New episodes are released the last Friday morning of each month.

If you’d like to be interviewed or if you have questions you’d like to pose to the interviewees, send us a message.

Lyle K. Benson, CPA/PFS, CFP

Lyle is President and Founder of L. K. Benson & Company, a CPA financial planning firm in Baltimore, Maryland, specializing in personal financial planning, tax and investment advisory services for high income individuals and families as well as corporate executives and entrepreneurial, closely held business owners. He is a past chair of the AICPA PFP Executive Committee, Co-Chair and Founder of AICPA PFP Summit, Chair and Founder of the Athena Study Group, and is a member of the Wolters Kluwer Financial and Estate Planning Advisory Board.

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What did you think of this?

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