Changing competencies and mindsets
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Changing competencies and mindsets

4 years ago · 1 min read



Looking to the future, technology is impacting both competencies and mindsets. The use of technology in the finance function is creating a model of ‘intelligence augmentation’, where technology augments human intelligence. In the finance function of the future, the technical capabilities of robotics and algorithms combine with the creativity and empathy of human accountants.

In this and other ways, our research is challenging current competency assumptions. While competencies are still very important for the finance professional, it’s a specific mindset that makes the greatest difference in the working environment. This emerging theme from our research will:

  • explore how technological automation is shifting the competency skills set required by finance professionals

  • introduce the concept of a growth mindset

  • demonstrate the increasing need for us all to learn and relearn continually, as new technologies replace our timeworn skills and knowledge.

Download this briefing paper to learn about the importance of an evolving mindset for finance professionals and how it complements continuous technological change.

This forms part of a series of briefing papers exploring the four key themes from our ongoing research to understand the future form and direction of the finance function.

Find out more:

The finance and accounting profession is being transformed by new technologies. Blockchain. Big Data. Automation. Artificial Intelligence. Cybersecurity. Explore our resources designed to ensure you have the skills and competencies to thrive in the digital era.

Download the Changing competencies and mindsets briefing paper

File name: changing-competencies-mindsets.pdf

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