Broad Suite of Learning Resources Tied to Future of Finance Launched at AICPA ENGAGE

Go Beyond+ Disruption Learning Line Focuses on Human Intelligence, Data Analytics and Emerging Technologies

June 12, 2018

LAS VEGAS (June 12, 2018) – The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (The Association) today launched a new line of learning resources tied to the future of finance and accounting at AICPA ENGAGE.

The learning materials, a combination of free and for-purchase products collectively called Go Beyond+ Disruption, cover a broad range of topics, such as Human Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation.

 “Automation and other disruptive trends in the accounting profession will require CPAs and Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMAs) to learn, unlearn and relearn as they progress through their careers,” said Clar Rosso, executive vice president of engagement and learning innovation for the Association. “To thrive, you’ll need to continuously adapt your skillset and evolve your competencies. Our learning resources and products can help accounting and finance professionals understand how to effectively use emerging technologies to drive value and take advantage of new business opportunities.”

Professional education through Go Beyond+ Disruption will be delivered in a number of ways, including podcasts, Facebook Live, YouTube videos, blog posts and nano learning, as well as more traditional methods such as online self-study, webcasts and conferences. Accounting and finance professionals can demonstrate competency in specific areas through a combination of certificates and digital badges.

Human Intelligence materials are already available through the online AICPA and CGMA stores. Data analytics and blockchain resources will be available in the months ahead. Other categories will be added later.

To learn more about Go Beyond+ Disruption, please visit