AICPA Announces Funding for 10 Accounting Doctoral Scholars

Application Period for 2017-2018 Program Currently Open Through September 8

August 2, 2017

New York (Aug. 2, 2017) – The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) is pleased to announce that 10 audit and tax practitioners with recent public accounting experience will have their accounting PhDs funded by the Accounting Doctoral Scholars (ADS) Program.

The mission of the ADS Program, now in its second iteration, is to increase the pool of academically qualified accounting faculty in auditing and tax with recent experience at U.S. universities. This initiative is imperative, as accounting faculty retirements are on the rise and the average age of a tenured accounting faculty member in the United States is 60 years old.

“The ADS Program is an investment in the future of the accounting profession,” said Steve Matzke, AICPA Director of Faculty and University Initiatives. “Bringing educators who have recent tax and audit experience into the classroom doesn’t just grow the ranks of accounting faculty. It also draws academia more closely to the real world practice of accounting, to the benefit of students.”

Having a sufficient number of professors is essential to continue a robust pipeline of accounting students. To date, the ADS Program has supported more than 100 audit and tax practitioners with recent public accounting experience as they’ve earned their PhDs.

“Through the ADS program, we are continuing to make progress in addressing the shortage of accounting faculty by increasing the number of CPAs with PhDs in the classroom and performing research at our nation’s universities,” said William F. Ezzell, CPA, ADS Program Executive Director. “On behalf of the AICPA, I’d like to thank all of the sponsors of the ADS program for their support and contribution to the collaborative efforts that are making the ADS Program a success.”

The application period for the 2017-2018 ADS program is currently open through September 8, 2017. To be eligible for this program candidates must be CPAs with a minimum three years of professional accounting experience, with a portion of that experience being within the last three years at the time of enrollment. Candidates much also be U.S. citizen or permanent resident (green card holder) who have earned an undergraduate and/or master’s degree in accounting with a GMAT score of 650 or higher that is less than five years old. Applicants must commit to apply and gain acceptance to a participating ADS university to pursue a PhD. in accounting with a concentration in audit or tax and declare their intent to teach and research, in audit or tax, at an U.S. AACSB accredited university upon graduation.

As of May 2017, 120 sponsors were committed to support the second iteration of the ADS Program. The sponsors include the AICPA, 68 accounting firms, 49 CPA state societies and four additional organizations. These organizations have committed more than $17 million to the ADS Program, a portion of which has been used to fund the 2016-2017 Accounting Doctoral Scholars.

The 10 candidates selected for funding are below in alphabetic order:

  • Aaron Fritz, Michigan State University
  • Amanda Gates Carlson, University of Georgia
  • Davidson Gillette, University of Alabama
  • Alex Johanns, University of Illinois
  • Steven Maex, Temple University
  • Adam Manlove, Indiana University
  • Landi Morris, Bentley University
  • Iguehi Rajsky, Temple University
  • Kristen Steury, University of South Carolina
  • Aubrey Whitfield, University of Massachusetts

More information about the Accounting Doctoral Scholars Program is available online at