Gerard H. Schreiber, Jr. Receives AICPA Tax Division Distinguished Service Award

November 16, 2016

Washington, D.C. (Nov. 16, 2016) – Gerard H. Schreiber, Jr., CPA has received the American Institute of CPAs’ (AICPA) Tax Division Distinguished Service Award for his extraordinary contributions to the work of the AICPA Tax Division over the past year.

“Jerry’s devotion to tax work related to disaster relief is a major foundation for the honor we are so pleased to recognize today,” Annette Nellen, CPA, chair of the AICPA Tax Executive Committee, said.  “Jerry, also known as the ‘CPA Master of Disaster,’ is an expert in the disaster relief area, after getting involved in the topic in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina hit in his home state.  He knows how these rules work and shares that knowledge with anyone needing assistance.  His devotion to helping colleagues and improving the tax system is part of his DNA.” 

Nellen also cited Schreiber’s work with the AICPA IRS Advocacy and Relations Committee as a reason for selecting him to receive the award.  “He has provided substantial information to the committee regarding IRS taxpayer services, private debt collection, delay in refunds, identity theft, brokerage statements and the IRS Large Business and International Division. 

Schreiber has demonstrated exceptional service as an AICPA volunteer since 1999. Schreiber currently serves on the AICPA IRS Advocacy and Relations Committee and was the co-chair of the Statements on Standards for Tax Services Tax Force.  In addition, he served for several years on the Tax Practice Responsibilities Committee and Tax Forms Committee and as an editorial advisor for the Journal of Accountancy.

The Tax Division Distinguished Service Award is bestowed for outstanding current contribution to the Tax Division.  The individual must have made a substantial contribution to the Tax Division’s work product through a notable, extraordinary personal effort. 

Schreiber is a partner with Schreiber & Schreiber, CPAs in Metairie, La.

The award was presented to Schreiber at the AICPA Fall Tax Division Meeting in Washington, D.C. by Nellen.