"The Election is Over - Now What?" AICPA Audio Webcast on November 8 will focus on post-election economic policy landscape

November 2, 2012

After the November 6th elections, we'll know who will serve as President for the next four years. In addition, we'll know the composition of the new Congress and how changes in the executive branch-legislative branch dynamic might play out going forward. Plus, we'll have an understanding of the extent of changes in state capitals around the country and the impact they could have.


Join nationally-recognized budget specialist Stan Collender and tax expert Mel Schwarz for a live and lively discussion about how changes resulting from the presidential and congressional elections may impact the overall economic outlook, tax policy and budget deliberations.



·         Stan Collender, senior partner with Qorvis Communications

·         Mel Schwarz, CPA, JD, Grant Thornton LLP partner with responsibility for monitoring tax legislative activity for the firm and a past chair of the AICPA Tax Legislation and Policy Committee.



Participate in a live audio webcast to discuss a range of election-related issues, including:

·         How will any shifts in power resulting from the election impact economic issues?

·         What lies ahead for the lame duck session of Congress (the “fiscal cliff,” taxes and the sequester) 

·         A look beyond the “fiscal cliff” (tax reform and deficit reduction)

·         Will any changes in the dynamic between the executive and legislative branches lead to more – or less – cooperation than we’ve seen to date?

·         How might these post-election changes impact CPAs, their employers and their clients?



Thursday, Nov. 8, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET

The registration fee is $68.75 – or $55 for AICPA members.


Reporters who would like to register for the audio webcast should contact Jay Hyde, director of AICPA media relations, at jhyde@aicpa.org or 202.434.9266.