AICPA Media Relations Contacts 

    AICPA Media Relations Team Contacts:

    Gil Nielsen, Director - Media Relations (NY)
    (212) 596-6008
    Contact Gil for general inquiries.
    Jay Hyde, Director - Media Relations (DC)
    (202) 434-9266
    Contact Jay for inquiries related to auditing and advocacy (congressional and political affairs).

    Shirley Twillman, Senior Manager - Media Relations
    (202) 434-9220
    Contact Shirley for inquiries related to tax issues.

    Jeff May, Manager - Media Relations
    (212) 596-6122
    Contact Jeff for inquiries related to and AICPA publications.
    James Schiavone, Senior Manager - Media Relations
    (212) 596-6119
    Contact James for inquiries related to financial literacy, the CPA Exam, accounting education and careers.
    Mitchell Slepian, Manager - Media Relations
    (212) 596-6177
    Contact Mitchell for inquiries related to accounting issues.

    Kristin Vincenzo, Manager - Public Relations
    (212) 596-6138
    Contact Kristin for inquiries related to personal financial planning.

    For all other media inquiries, any member of the team will be happy to assist you.

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