An Internet Gateway to the U.N.

Information Age Columnist L. Gordon Crovitz featured the AICPA in his recent column questioning the Obama administration’s plan to give up the contract with ICANN, the organization responsible for coordinating the Internet’s naming system. Crovitz wrote that, “As the administration spent the past two years preparing to give up the contract with Icann, it also stopped actively overseeing the group. That allowed Icann to abuse its monopoly over internet domains, which earns it hundreds of millions of dollars a year.” Crovitz then cited the AICPA’s ICANN experience: “…Icann rejects the community application for the .cpa domain made by the American Institute of CPAs, which along with other accounting groups argues consumers should expect the .cpa address only to be used by legitimate accountants, not by the highest bidder. An AICPA spokesman told me he has a pile of paperwork three feet high on the five-year quest for the .cpa domain. The professional group objected in a recent appeal: ‘The process seems skewed toward a financial outcome that benefits Icann itself.’”