Summary of AICPA Fall Council - October 18, 2010 

Published October 18, 2010

AICPA Medal of Honor Presented
Aulana Peters, only the third woman ever to serve as a commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission received the AICPA Medal of Honor. Peters served as a public member of the Institute’s board of directors, governing Council and as a member of the Public Oversight Board and served on its Blue Ribbon Panel on Audit Effectiveness. She was a member of the Steering Committee for the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s Financial Reporting Project. Peters currently serves as a member of the Public Interest Oversight Board for the International Federation of Accountants and on the Accountability Advisory Council to the United States Comptroller General. The Medal of Honor is the AICPA’s highest honor presented to a non-CPA, and is awarded to an individual whose work has influenced the profession significantly. For more information, read this press release. For past award winners, visit the Member Awards page on

AICPA IFRS Member Readiness Survey Shows Increased Knowledge of IFRS
The fall 2010 AICPA International Financial Reporting Standards Member Readiness Survey results released October 18 show members’ familiarity with IFRS has continued to increase. In October 2008, only 26% of members had some knowledge of IFRS; two years later 33% of members said they had some knowledge. However, a majority (55%) agrees they need at least some knowledge. Similarly, only 15% of respondents now report they have no knowledge of IFRS, versus 30% in October 2008. Read the press release for more information.

CPA Vision Project Reignited Under Incoming AICPA Chair of Board of Directors
Paul Stahlin, CPA, AICPA Incoming Chair, who takes office tomorrow, shared plans to update the CPA Vision Project. The project, which initially launched in 1996, outlined a future for the CPA profession through 2011. The CPA Vision Project established the core purpose, core values, core competencies and core services of the CPA profession. A key element of revalidating the CPA Vision is gathering feedback from AICPA members and other stakeholders within the profession in an effort to understand influences on the profession of new technology, a changed economy, globalization and much more. Stay tuned for more information over the next year.


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