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AICPA & CIMA Dealership Conference

5 months ago · 3 min read · AICPA Insights Blog

Dealerships have reinvented many parts of their operations. And there’s more to do. They now need to design a sustainable plan to move them forward, meet the challenges of today and ensure they continue to prosper and thrive. Concerns on subjects ranging from used inventory acquisition at the proper price, digital marketing and the sales process, to attracting qualified staff and retaining them are the vital bread-and-butter topics that are critical for businesses. The conference will address such issues and help with answers and practical solutions.

AICPA & CIMA Dealership Conference is the premier event of its kind in the dealership industry. It’s an opportunity to hear from top industry leaders, network and delve into your area of specialization. With technology proving a lifeline particularly in recent years, the high value of conferences is priceless: The personal experiences, the conversations, the socializing and stronger human connection.

An in-person, as well as a live online, event, the dealership conference will give you access to top experts who will provide the latest updates, current best practices and the technical tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Save the dates and don’t miss out

The two-day conference is October 27–28 at the New Orleans Marriott, New Orleans.

And if you want to get a head start, you can arrive a day earlier. On October 26, there’ll be a half-day of preconference workshops. Topics include Property & Casualty Insurance, Cybersecurity and Finance & Insurance Risk in Today’s Retailing World. The half-day workshop will be followed by a networking reception in the evening.

Why attending is invaluable

The dealership industry and the accounting profession have changed significantly and will continue to change. What the changes are, what they mean for your business and how to stay ahead of the change curve to prosper — this and so much more will be shared during the conference.


There is much on offer: Up-to-date information, resources, tools and training led by industry experts. There’ll be lots of ideas to take away and use in your operations. And CPAs and CGMA designation holders can use the ideas to provide value-added services as trusted advisers. There will be many opportunities to discuss best practice and accounting excellence specific to the industry.

Dealer Family Succession Planning: Role of the CPA & Controller is a topic with valuable insights and practical solutions you won’t want to miss. As advisers to clients, our profession often sees potential disasters in the making or waiting to happen many years beforehand. The dealer and their family haven’t thought about having the right conversations or discussing the diverse issues that have a major impact on the continued success of a business through the next generation. But the CPA has.

Fear, loss of control and anxiety over conflict can act as a barrier to change. Transitioning leadership from one generation to another can be rife with potential conflict. However, creative problem solving can happen successfully, once a dealer, their leadership and family can safely express themselves, feel heard and share their visions, concerns and opportunities. The expertise and insight of the accountant into the financial strength and resilience of a succession plan and the assurance that there are no regulatory issues are essential. And the role of the accountant as the trusted adviser is pivotal in guiding and encouraging the business owner to take on the challenge of succession planning.

This session will discuss strategies that advisers can leverage to motivate dealers to address issues that impact their vision. You’ll come away from this session with creative strategies to facilitate your client’s vision and enhance your all-important role as trusted adviser.

Economic Update is a hot topic for everyone. This session will provide an economic update with a focus on inflation. The combination of supply-chain disruptions, surging gasoline prices and strong demand has pushed global inflation to a 40-year high. Economists predict that interest rates will continue to rise to try to cool inflation. The question is: Can inflation be brought under control without causing a recession?

The session will also provide valuable insights into economic trends to make better business decisions and will help participants better understand the mounting risks of recession and the factors currently driving inflation and interest rates.

You’ll take away from this conference the knowledge and insights required to solve problems, so you can make better decisions to accelerate and grow your business.

Register early and save $100! Early bird pricing expires September 12, 2022.

See you there!

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What did you think of this?

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