AICPA Credential Marketing Toolkit for State CPA Societies


Thank you for your participation in AICPA’s credential partnership and revenue-share program. We value the commitment you have made to increase awareness of new opportunities available to members. An array of communications tools are now available to you including print ads, online banners, email copy, program blurbs for your newsletter and website as well as social media posts. Click the links below to get started and download the communications that best suit your needs..

Note: All references to AICPA credentials should be directed to the Specialty Credentials Membership Page.

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Download the Specialized Credentials Tip Sheet

Includes bodies of knowledge, requirements, cost, benefits, exam dates and how to prepare.


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PFS for Social Media
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Note: Images below are variations of the above images.

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Website & Online Publication Banners

Item Download
2019-Q1 – Cybercrime & Healthcare PDF
2018-Q4 – Ransomware PDF
2018-Q3 – Cyberfraud PDF
2018-Q2 – Investment Fraud PDF
2018-Q1 – Kleptocracy PDF
2017-Q4 – Employee Corruption PDF
2017-Q4 – Demand for Accounting Advisory Services Is on the Rise Word Doc
2017-Q4 – 6 Tips for Starting and Advisory Practice Word Doc
2017-Q3 – Vendor Fraud PDF

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Print Ads

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Collateral Brochures


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Email Copy

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Website & Newsletter Program Blurbs

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Website & Newsletter Program Articles

Item Download
AICPA VS Section 100 Subsequent Event Toolkit Article
Coronavirus and the Value of Minority Interests in Private Businesses Article
Coronavirus (COVID-19) - When to Test Goodwill and Indefinite-Lived Intangible Assets for Impairment Article
Coronavirus: Prepare your clients and protect your practice – March 17, 2020 Article
ESOP Stock Price Drops in the Current Pandemic Article
FAQs on Valuation Considerations When Valuing Distressed or Impaired Businesses Article
Investment Companies: Measuring Fair Value in Times of Significant Uncertainty Article
Keeping Social While Distancing Article
Oct 2019 Journal of Accountancy article by Amy Vetter, CPA/CITP Article
10 real reasons to go (and stay) remote – Journal of Accountancy article by Jennifer Wilson - March 23, 2020 Article

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Social Media Posts