Personal Financial Planning (PFP) Overview

Many Professional Accountants venture into Personal Financial Planning ( PFP) because it is a logical extension of tax and accounting services. It also broadens the scope of a Professional Accountant's practice and provides new opportunities for generating revenue. As such, for CPAs that want to enhance their success as a financial planner, the AICPA’s Personal Financial Planning Membership Section provides resources and support that keep PFP practitioners at the forefront of the profession.

Boost Your Achievement with the PFP Section

Benefits of Joining the PFP Section

  • AICPA/Moss Adams Study is the first ever study of its kind that analyzes the best practices and the challenges of firms practicing in the area of financial planning/advisory services. Use these study results to view what the most successful firms are doing to be profitable in this area.
  • Forefield Advisor is a web-based business development, education and client communication tool that enables financial professionals to deliver current and concise advice to clients. You will receive full access to their tools, receive a 20 percent discount on newsletters, and a 10 percent discount on seminars.
  • AICPA Advanced PFP Conference is the event of the year for Professional Accountants financial planners to come together to network and gain knowledge from each other as well as industry experts and to strengthen your technical and business expertise. Hear from experts in the industry including Robert Keebler, Deena Katz, Rebecca Pomering, Joel Bruckenstein and Eugene Fama, Jr..
  • Planning After ATRA and the Net Investment Income Tax Toolkit
    Professional Accountants financial planners now have an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate their value to clients by providing guidance, planning, and tax expertise related to The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) and Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT). This toolkit provides essential resources to help you educate your clients and proactively plan for the changes in 2013. 
  • Webcast Series were designed based on feedback from the PFP Section members specific to issues of Professional Accountants Financial Planners! These events are held throughout the year on a variety of intermediate and advance PFP topics, in both technical areas and practice management.
  • PFP Networking Groups were grown out of a need based on member feedback, the PFP Networking Groups provide you with the opportunity to network with the best and brightest of your peers—the Professional Accountants financial planners and most trusted advisors; stay abreast of new developments through market and current event updates at each meeting; learn and share best practices for technical strategies and practice management topics; problem-solve technical issues faced by group members in their practices in an open forum.
  • Technical Resources such as information on technical topics in the form of comprehensive guidance, tables, calculators, case studies, downloadable worksheets, articles, and practice aids are at your disposal.