Benefits of Becoming a PFP Section Member

Personal Financial Planning (PFP) Section membership gives you resources to broaden your technical expertise, improve your professional competence and expand your practice to deliver high-quality PFP services that will add value and revenue.


Resources focused on helping practitioners develop or expand their knowledge in personal financial planning.
Examples include:

  • Broadridge Advisor — This enables financial professionals to deliver personalized, current, and concise advice to clients. You will receive full access to their tools and receive discounts on their other newslettersand seminars.
  • Planning After ATRA and the Net Investment Income Tax Toolkit — This resource will help you provide guidance, planning, and tax expertise related to The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) and Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT).
  • CPA Practice Guide Series on topics such as Financial and Estate Planning, Practical Retirement Planning, Social Security, Investment Advisory Services, Technology in a PFP Practice, and Developing and Managing a PFP Practice.
  • Plus, many more technical resources such as archived webcasts and podcasts, comprehensive guidance, checklists, tables, calculators, articles, and practice guides are at your disposal.

CPA/PFS Credential

The Personal Financial Specialist (PFS™) credential is available exclusively to CPAs and will help to set you apart from your peers.


Get discounts on webcasts, conferences including $100 off the AICPA Advanced PFP Conference; also, receive four complimentary CPE accredited PFP Section-sponsored webcasts on an annual basis. Note that recordings and PPTs from all PFP Section-sponsored webcasts are posted to our PFP Learning Library after the live event.

CPE & Professional Development

Webcasts, podcasts, conferences and other education opportunities are held throughout the year with industry experts on a variety of intermediate and advanced PFP topics, in both technical areas and practice management. We also hold periodic current topic webcasts directed to consumers. Members may invite their clients to these webcasts or host them at their offices for group webcasts on these topics.


Take advantage of networking opportunities with like-minded professionals both face-to-face at conferences such as the highly regarded annual Advanced PFP Conference and online in our dedicated LinkedIn group. Participate in volunteer committees and task forces with other members to support the future of the profession.

News and Publications

Stay up to date with PFP News plus, get exclusive access to Bob Veres’ Inside Information and Financial Planning Digest which offers insight on technical issues and how to promote client communications and business development.


The PFP Section serves as the voice of CPAs who provide financial planning related services by protecting member and public interests with regulators and other third parties as well.

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