ICAS CEIV Credential Pathway and Requirements

The Certified in Entity and Intangible Valuations (CEIV) credential is granted exclusively to professional accountants (as deemed by a governing body) and finance professionals who perform fair value measurements for entities and intangible assets for financial reporting purposes.

Get started on the pathway to the CEIV credential below. Questions about the CEIV credential may be submitted to ceiv@aicpa.org.

CEIV Requirements

  1. Be a CA in good standing as defined by ICAS.
  2. Meet Valuation Competencies, which include successfully passing a qualifying valuation assessment.
  3. Meet Fair Value Measurement Competencies which include meeting experience, education and examination requirements.
  4. Pass the CEIV examination, which can be taken before or after passing a qualifying valuation exam.
  5. Complete the CEIV credential application and pay the respective credential fee of $700, which includes AICPA International Associate Membership.
  6. Agree to comply with Mandatory Performance Framework and submit to initial and ongoing quality monitoring.
  7. Sign a Declaration of Intent to comply with the CEIV recertification requirements.
  8. Maintain ICAS membership in good standing.