Exam Overview

The Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP ®) credential was established for CPAs with the unique ability to bridge between business and technology while meeting the strict requirements for a CPA license, as well as additional training and experience in IT assurance, risk, security and privacy, analytics and technology. In order to obtain the credential, you must pass the CITP Exam.

Steps to the Exam

Steps to ABV Exam

Exam Format

  • Exam Type — The CITP Exam is a non-disclosed exam. This means the questions and answers are not published nor are candidates permitted to remove any exam materials from the testing site.
  • Grading — Each exam is carefully graded by our team of psychometricians to ensure that the questions are statistically valid.
  • Timing — The CITP Exam is a four-hour computer-based exam comprised of multiple-choice questions.. 
  • Types of Questions: Multiple-choice questions are discrete and consist of a stem that includes factual data and provides four answer options.

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Upcoming Exam Dates

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Discount Pricing

  • Volume Pricing — A special price of $200 per exam when registering two or more candidates from the same firm. Email us for details. 
  • CITP Exam Sponsorship Program — The program is intended to assist CPAs with interest in information management and technology assurance to complete the exam requirement and ultimately obtain the CITP credential.  Learn more about the sponsorship program >>.

Registration Process

If interested in taking the exam, register online and pay the required exam fee. Online registration is available to both AICPA and non-AICPA members. Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase via email. This confirmation does not serve as the Notification to Schedule.

Content Specification Outline |  Exam Prep Tools

Exam Content Specification Outline

The CITP credential program is built around content areas of the CITP Body of Knowledge: 

  • Information Management
  • Information Governance
  • Accounting Operations Technology Services
  • Information Technology Risk & Advisory Services
  • Engagement Compliance
  • IT Controls & Assessment

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Exam Preparation Tools

The key to passing the exam is a combination of using the body of knowledge referred to in the CSO, coupled with applying this body of knowledge by obtaining relevant work experience in information management and technology assurance. To assist in exam preparation, the AICPA offers the following:

Complete Guide to the CITP Body of Knowledge:

  • Self-Study Course
  • Self-Study Guide (Note — IMTA Section Members can download Dimension 1 of the review guide for free!)
  • Additional Recommended CITP Exam Review Resources, including:
    • CITP Exam Podcast Series – Free access to a series of podcasts on new subject matter areas from the revised CITP Content Specification Outline (CSO) that have limited or no coverage in the existing CITP self-study guide & course.
    • Archived CITP Webcasts – Free access to previously published IMTA section webcasts covering a variety of topics from the CITP Content Specification Outline (CSO).

Recommend Accounting Information System (AIS) textbooks for additional referenced readings.

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Scheduling Process

This process begins when you receive your Notice To Schedule (NTS) email six weeks prior to the beginning of the exam window for which you have registered. It contains instructions on how to schedule, a link to the test center, and your unique voucher code to enable you to schedule your specific date and location.

After receiving your (NTS) email, you may schedule your exam. Please schedule early to improve your likelihood of obtaining your desired time and location. The NTS email will provide instructions on how to do so. Below is a snapshot of the process:
  1. Visit the CITP Exam Scheduling Website.
  2. Follow the steps to establish a test-taker account. If you have already established a test -taker account for a previous exam, use the username and password that was previously provided. For assistance with your username or password, please contact the AICPA Member Service at 888.777.7077 or email us.
  3. Upon receipt of email confirmation of your username and password, login to schedule.
  4. Click on the Schedule Exam link in the task bar at the top of the page.
  5. Select the CITP Exam and click on Register Now button.
  6. Select the desired HOST location (testing center).
  7. Select the desired date and time the desired location is available and proceed to checkout.
  8. Enter the voucher code that was provided in the NTS letter at checkout and click submit and done.
  9. A scheduling confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. It is important to print and/or keep a copy of this confirmation page on file as it includes the Test Authorization Code required for exam admittance.

For more detailed information of the process, download the process >>

Testing Locations

At this time, the CITP Exam is only offered in the United States and Canada. There are almost 300 locations nationwide. Find the closest one >>

Test Regulations

The Kryterion host location has procedures that must be followed. Please make sure to read their procedures document in full so you can be fully prepared.  

Additional Information

To find a more detailed overview of the scheduling process including rescheduling, cancellations and refunds, download the CITP Credential Exam Registration and Scheduling Terms and Conditions document.