About the Exam

Passing the AICPA's Certified in Entity and Intangible Valuations™ (CEIV™) Exam also is a required step toward obtaining the CEIV credential. To pass the CEIV Exam, you must complete the required CEIV Pathway training on the CEIV body of knowledge and the Mandatory Performance Framework.

Important note: You must take the CEIV Pathway training and pass both parts of the CEIV Exam to obtain the AICPA’s CEIV credential. For first time CEIV exam registrants, your exam purchase entitles you to one exam (first attempt) and one re-take (second attempt) if you do not pass the first attempt. Prior to accessing the re-take, the AICPA recommends you study the topics covered in your first attempt exam. If you do not pass either the first or second attempt, you must purchase a third attempt. After three failed attempts, you will be subject to retaking the CEIV pathway training and a 90-day cooling off period before you can take the CEIV Exam again.

Exam Format

  • Exam Type — The CEIV Exam is an online, two-part, computer-based non-disclosed exam. This means the questions and answers are not published nor are you permitted to share any of the information included on the exam.
  • Timing — You must pass both parts of the CEIV exam to receive credit for passing the CEIV Exam. Candidates who do not pass the exam may retake the exam.
  • Types of Questions — Both parts of the CEIV Exam will consist of the following types of questions: 
    • Discrete multiple-choice questions — a discrete multiple-choice question consists of a stem that includes factual data and provides multiple answer options.
    • Application-based multiple-choice questions — the application questions vary in length and in the number of multiple-choice questions associated with each one. The fact pattern for each application will contain sufficient information to enable the candidate to answer each question. This part of the exam is designed to test the candidate’s analytical reasoning skills and ability to apply the CEIV body of knowledge and the Mandatory Performance Framework. 

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