How Your Firm Can Work Smarter With FedEx

July 16, 2018

Did you know over 6,500 of your accounting peers used the FedEx Advantage program to decrease their shipping costs within one month?

With the FedEx Advantage Program, you can utilize the FedEx Delivery Manager that can help you save money and be more efficient with your shipping needs. FedEx’s deliveries work with your schedule, not theirs.

Delivery managers allow for greater visibility, increased flexibility and added convenience. 

  • Businesses reduce costs associated with missed deliveries, control security, and gain more satisfied customers.
  • Customers receive their packages scheduled for delivery when and where they need them.

Today you can be notified:

  • When your package is shipped
  • The day before or day of delivery
  • If there's an ‘exception’ (such as an attempted delivery made in your absence)

Additionally, you can customize:

  • When you need it: sign for a package ahead of time.
  • When you can't risk leaving it unattended: request vacation hold.
  • When you need convenience and security: request hold at a location.
  • When you want to personally receive it: schedule the delivery for a specific day, a time, or both a date and a time that's after the original delivery commitment.
  • When you change your location — or your mind: reroute to another address.

All while saving money and having more control and security over your shipping needs.

Learn more about FedEx Advantage Program and Delivery Manager® and drive your firm’s shipping to the next level by reading the full article on FedEx’s Small Business Center


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