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Six Ways to Boost Your Fraud IQ

Contributed by: Chase

It’s easy to believe that fraud would never happen to you or that if it does, it was not preventable. However, those are both common misconceptions - fraud protection is simple and can be started today. Learn how to identify scams and protect your finances with these quick tips:

  1. Sign Up for Account Alerts – Bank notifications by email and text will immediately inform you of any changes in your account. For these alerts, data and messaging rates may apply.
  2. Switch to Online Statements – Online statements have more security controls built in than statements delivered by mail. Transactions can also be monitored more frequently.
  3. Guard against Email and Phone Scams – Avoid giving account information or clicking links in emails; instead visit the bank’s site directly.
  4. Get Savvy with Passwords – Using the same password for multiple login credentials could grant a fraudster access to even more of your accounts once one has been compromised.
  5. Skip the Swipe with a Chip-Embedded Card – Chip technology produces a single-use code during the transaction which prevents fraudsters from being able to use card information to make purchases.
  6. Act Immediately if Something's Fishy – If you notice an unfamiliar charge, report it before other fraudulent transactions have time to accrue.

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Fraud prevention is important to cardholders, banks and businesses.

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