Lenovo - Member Discount Program


To order, visit the Lenovo website and use the Lenovo AICPA member passcode to sign in, or call 800.426.7235, ext. 3371 to speak to a sales representative.

1.Click here to get the Lenovo AICPA member discount password
2. Sign-in with your AICPA account.
3. Grab the password and click 'Show Now' to get your discounts!

Fresh start. Fresh PC!

Make way for new in 2021! Refresh your tech and receive up to 60% off now through Jan 31, 2021 with all the bells and whistles. Amp your experience with best accessories and upgraded warranty services.

Experience the Lenovo difference. Giving you all the tools you need for everyday computing, Lenovo offers AICPA members discounts on its entire product line. AICPA Members also receive free shipping on all web orders and special limited time savings throughout each month.

Lenovo’s Winter Deals!

Warm up with additional 10% off discounted business class ThinkPad systems, Think accessories and visuals, now through Jan 25, 2021. Use eCoupon code: THINKNEWYEAR to redeem. Reward yourself with MyLenovo Rewards, it's free!

Use the Lenovo AICPA member discount passcode to shop the Lenovo website or call a sales representative at 800.426.7235, ext. 3371. 

When ordering online, always use the AICPA passcode to sign in to the Lenovo web page. Your AICPA account password cannot be used to sign on to the Lenovo page. Get the Lenovo AICPA member discount passcode.

Program discounts are available in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, and Guam only.