Thank you for your interest in the Certified in Entity and Intangible Valuations credential. Getting the CEIV through the AICPA (whether you’re a CPA or a finance professional) will firmly position you as a leader and subject-matter expert in the advancement of fair value measurement reporting. You’ll be recognized for your dedication to approaching the valuation of entities and intangible assets in consistent and transparent manner, thereby demonstrating your commitment to protecting the public interest.

The AICPA has determined the following requirements for CEIV credential holders:

  • Meet a minimum number of hours of fair value-related experience (initial and ongoing)
  • Undertake required fair value-related education (initial and ongoing)
  • Successfully complete related valuation and fair value measurement exam(s)
  • Submit to a proactive, ongoing engagement-level quality monitoring process
  • Comply with the established Mandatory Performance Framework

The trademarks CEIV and CERTIFIED IN ENTITY AND INTANGIBLE VALUATIONS are owned by Corporate and Intangibles Valuation Organization, LLC, and are used under license agreements between Corporate and Intangibles Valuation Organization, LLC and RICS, ASA and AICPA.