Disaster Recovery

Whether natural or man-made, disasters take an emotional toll as well as a financial one. That’s where CPAs come in. Our award-winning disaster recovery resources have helped victims of disaster around the country start re-building their financial lives. From partnering with the IRS to help hurricane victims to working with the Red Cross on disaster recovery resources, the AICPA is on the front lines helping when disaster strikes. The AICPA PCPS Firm Volunteer Center offers firms and individual CPAs resources to get their lives back together in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The Center offers CPAs and firms office space, supplies, housing, technology, temporary staffing and a host of other resources to get their businesses—and lives—up and running.

Disaster Financial Preparedness Guide
What to do before disaster strikes

Personal Finance Disaster Recovery Resources
How to rebuild your financial life

AICPA PCPS Firm Volunteer Center
Resources for CPAs and CPA firms in need