Work/Life Balance

Tools to help you work hardand get a life

Balancing your life with the demands of a growing career is never easy. As your personal situation and needs change over the years, balancing life and work can become even more challenging. Employers in the accounting profession have become more aware of the work/life issues that face their professionals and many have developed innovative and creative arrangements that can help employees balance work with their particular life situation. In fact, some CPAs cite flexibility as a key reason that they chose the accounting profession in the first place.

If your firm doesn’t have the flexibility you are looking for, make sure you share your views before moving on. Many employers will work with you to strike a balance that suits both your needs.

Here are some tools, resources and research that can educate youand your employerson work/life balance issues and help you to manage the demands of work while enjoying your life.


A Decade of Changes in the Accounting Profession: Workforce Trends and Human Capital Practices

Findings from a survey of CPAs in public practice and industry as well as CPA firms on women, promotions, where CPAs want to go in their career, trends, and work/life balance.


Work/Life: Striking a Balance

Successful CPAs, men and women, share their secrets for maintaining a healthy personal life while balancing the demands of a hectic professional career. Their experiences offer insight into how to deal with these situations in your own career.

Additional Reading and Resources For You and Your Employer

Promoting Your Talent: A Guidebook for Women and Their Firms

Observations, reflections and recommendations on how female CPAs can promote their talents or their firms can promote the talented staff they have.