What is your edge?

In today’s business world, knowing your edge will help you set and achieve your professional goals.  The more advantages you consider as part of your edge, the more confident you will be to act bravely in your evolving career.  While most of us realize we will gain technical expertise while on the job, do you know where to go to learn leadership techniques, improve your communication skills, and cultivate your network within the profession?  I strongly encourage you to attend the AICPA E.D.G.E. Conference, August 5-7th, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas.  The conference acronym, E.D.G.E., stands for Evolve. Distinguish. Grow. Engage.

The AICPA E.D.G.E. Conference was created by AICPA Leadership Academy alumni as an opportunity to discover from colleagues how to develop distinguishable skills while tapping into a meaningful network of accounting professionals at all levels.  The event focuses on providing interactive sessions to build skills such as managing people, executing the right decisions, and fostering a collaborative environment.  Session facilitators vary in age, expertise, and experience, creating a setting that enables participants to connect with the material from unique perspectives. 

Participants connect in person and online before, during, and after the conference, and the event has one of the most active AICPA conference Twitter hashtags, #AICPA_EDGE.  Participants heavily tweet as a way to capture some of the most meaningful lessons to visit later and to share with the Twitter community.  Past attendees who are unable to attend in a particular year chime into the Twitter feed to help stay connected and to learn from the conference speakers and participants.  The #AICPA_EDGE hashtag continues activity for the duration of the year as a tool for participants to share relevant articles and to talk about they are how implementing and growing from their lessons learned at the conference.

One of the biggest reasons that the hashtag is so popular throughout the year is because of the networks formed during the conference.  Participants engage during sessions during the day, and the interaction continues into the evening social events.  The community established while attending is one that will be with you for long after the conference is over. We support people who are experiencing tough circumstances and those who are celebrating achievements.

 The AICPA E.D.G.E. Conference is a place where I have learned from my mentors and peers about what is important in their careers, shared what is important to me regarding the power of communication and gestures, and engaged with one of my favorite communities.  The conference is mainly marketed to “young” CPAs, but it is a conference for all ages.  If you understand what is on the minds of young CPAs, then you will have a better handle on where the profession is headed.   For example, we are working on ways to better integrate technology into our work, find new areas where we can add value, and learn from the leaders in the profession who can teach us to lead better.  The benefits of this unique conference are part of my personal edge, and I recommend you make it part of your own edge.