Enhancing Your Team-Player Skills

Teamwork has always been a valuable characteristic of successful organizations. From championship football teams to world-class accounting firms, the ability of members to function as a group is vital to meeting objectives. As an accounting professional, you must be able to collaborate well with a diverse set of colleagues and clients in order to perform your best work.

Following are a few tips for improving your team-player abilities:

  • Understand the objective. Ensure that you, along with everyone else, is clear on what the group is trying to accomplish. Set personal goals that will help you contribute to the cause.
  • Check your biases at the door. Even if a colleague’s style is different from yours, keep an open mind and try to adapt your approach.
  • Remain flexible. Let the team know how you can help but also be willing to assume roles outside of your norm. For instance, if you enjoy presenting information to an audience but a coworker is already assigned to this task, volunteer to conduct the background research needed for the speech.
  • Share the glory. Ultimate success will come only as a result of everyone giving maximum effort. If one of your colleagues is having difficulty making a deadline, offer to help. Putting the group first helps ensure it will reach its objectives.