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    Archived Infocast - Run Date: January 23, 2013 @ 2:00pm ET (90 minute length)
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    Audrey, Deborah and Bobby, are alumni of the AICPA Leadership Academy and are exemplary stewards of service. In this webcast, they share their experiences in volunteerism that has led to personal development of skills transferable to multitudinous aspects of their lives, including the workplace.  Giving back has matured them into model Young CPA leaders and has extended a sense of personal gratification and countless rewards through service to others in their communities and the accounting profession. They have collectively held a myriad of leadership positions in over 10 different organizations.

    WHO: You!

    WHAT: Give Back and Volunteer. Investing in Yourself, Your Community, Your Career

    WHEN: Throughout Your Career & Life

    WHERE: Your choice – Local, State, National, International

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    HOW:  Beyond Giving Back – Volunteerism is an interactive session with specific examples that will provide you with insight, encouragement, and resources to begin your own journey into investing in yourself, your community, and your career!

    In this session, participants will learn:
    • From specific experiences of other CPAs
    • The resulting values of getting involved
    • Types of skills gained with commitment
    • How you will become a better leader
    • Benefits to your employers and families
    • How and which organizations need you
    • AICPA volunteer opportunities

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      Audrey J. Jaramillo, CPA, CFE has been serving federal, state, and local governments for 15 years throughout the Southwest and is Partner in charge of the Heinfeld, Meech & Co. Albuquerque Office.  She specializes in providing audit, fraud, and consulting services.  Audrey is passionate about public service, volunteering, serving, leading, and governing; currently serving as VP of Moriarty-Edgewood School District locally, representing NM state-wide and nationally as VP of NM School Boards Association, supporting mothers in crisis as VP of Care Net Pregnancy Centers, and training young CPAs through the AICPA’s Webcast Taskforce.  Audrey serves on many other boards and committees and volunteers and supports numerous nonprofits to better her community, state, country, and profession. 
      Debbie M. Krambeck, CPA, CFE earned her B.S. with majors in Mathematics and German from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in 2001, her MBA from Creighton University in 2005, her CPA certificate in 2008, and her CFE designation in 2009.  As Audit Manager at Frankel Zacharia, LLC in Omaha, NE, Debbie specializes in the firm's manufacturing and ERISA-related benefit plan audits and has experience in not-for-profit industries.  She volunteers for several local charitable organizations, including serving as Financial Advisor for R.E.S.P.E.C.T.2, working to build healthy relationships among children and youth through theatre, and as Past President for the Theatre Arts Guild Omaha, an organization that promotes and supports live theatre in Omaha.  Debbie has volunteered at many of the theatres in Omaha, both onstage and off.

    Bobby Schroeder, CPA focuses his practice on tax and accounting consulting for individuals, small businesses, non-profits, and other entities. While his clients require him to prepare tax returns, he really enjoys helping his clients find ways to become more successful.  He returned to his hometown of New Orleans in 2012, currently a Tax Manager at Ericksen, Krentel & LaPorte LLP.  Bobby has been involved in state and national CPA societies, serving on several committees.  He is an Eagle Scout and as a member of Kiwanis International, he has worked with several youth organizations in developing their student leaders. Bobby strives to be the friendly, knowledgeable CPA who can be an asset to any organization.


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