2014 Annual Compliance Kit

Note: The resources listed on this page are for the 2014 tax year. For the most current version, go to our Annual Compliance Kit home page.

What's Inside?

The comprehensive package includes: 

Annual Compliance Kit Contents2014 Client Engagement Letters
 - the contract between the client and accountant that defines scope of work (e.g., returns to be prepared) and the responsibilities and obligations of each of the respective parties; many include fee estimates or quotes and other language regarding ability to use and/or disclose tax information 

Annual Compliance Kit Contents2014 Tax Organizers
 - a client facing package to assist in the collection and submission of information necessary to prepare a tax return, can be individual or business 

Annual Compliance Kit Contents2014 Tax Checklists
 - used to addresses the issues, areas, or topics related to a specific tax form, used by preparers and reviews to ensure compliance with IRS reporting and documentation rules, and assist practitioners with identifying any missed reporting issues, planning opportunities and potential exam or audit risks on a tax return

Annual Compliance Kit Contents2014 Practice Guides
 - a comprehensive publication on a specific topic or process that includes relevant guidance, recent developments and trends, best practices, and recommendations for workflow and documentation 

Available in both Word and PDF format - Word versions can be downloaded and modified to your firms’ specific desires and specifications. PDF versions cannot be modified, but are fillable and can be saved as an electronic file – great for firms that are paperless as it can be saved directly to clients’ electronic files!

Terms and Notice for Readers

Access to the Annual Compliance Kit is intended as an individual benefit of Tax Section Membership. The Annual Compliance Kit are created by and copyrighted to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which reserves all rights. Except in the context of performing client services, reproduction, redistribution, republication, or resale of this product by the member granted access is prohibited. Should AICPA omit or decline to enforce any aspect of these Terms of Use at any given time or instance, such non-enforcement does not constitute and should not be construed as a waiver of AICPA’s rights as to any other or future instance. For more information about the terms of use for Annual Compliance Kit, or to request permission for a use which exceeds these limitations, please contact Licensing, Rights & Information Services at copyright@aicpa.org.

The Annual Compliance Kit resources are designed as educational and reference material for the members of the Tax Section and others interested in the subject. They do not establish standards or preferred practices. Although much thought and effort have gone into the development of these guides, they are subject to change. These practice guides are issued as drafts only, and you retain responsibility for their final content. Please review them carefully and make any changes necessary for your specific use.