Tax Executive Committee

The Tax Executive Committee, the most senior committee of the Tax Division, is authorized to speak for the AICPA on all matters related to taxation, without further clearance from the AICPA Council or Board of Directors.  This authority includes, but is not limited to, the development or approval of tax policy, testimony, comment letters and formal positions (on rulings, legislation, Department of the Treasury regulations, notices, determinations, forms, and other regulatory and administrative guidance on taxation matters).  As a standard-setting body, it also has sole authority for promulgating enforceable tax ethical standards, the Statements on Standards for Tax Services.

The senior committee plans, supervises, and coordinates the major advocacy projects of the Tax Division and must review and approve all policy, testimony, comment letters and formal positions (which are substantially prepared by the Tax Division committees, technical resource panels and task forces).  The Chair and staff consult with the Tax Legislation Task Force, AICPA’s Congressional and Political Affairs Team, and/or AICPA’s State Regulatory & Legislative Affairs Team in making decisions on how legislative proposals fit within the strategic initiatives of the AICPA, as well as the political environment. 

The Tax Executive Committee is composed of a Chair, a Vice Chair or Immediate Past Chair, and sixteen other members.  Members generally serve three-year terms unless appointed as an officer.  If a member is appointed as an officer, the member will serve one year as Vice Chair, two years as Chair and one year as Immediate Past Chair before rolling off of the committee.