Partnership Taxation Technical Resource Panel (TRP) 


The Partnership Taxation TRP identifies issues and develops policy by:
  • Monitoring legislative and regulatory activity in the area of partnership taxation;
  • Providing oversight for task forces created to address specific issues related to tax law, regulatory rules and tax process relating to partnership taxation;
  • Maintaining appropriate relationships with the IRS, Treasury, Congress, and other government officials;
  • Collaborating with other organizations, such as the ABA, as appropriate; and
  • Acting as a resource to assist the other committees, TRPs, and task forces, as appropriate, on partnership tax matters.
2015-2016 TRP Roster
Noel P. Brock, Chair Assistant Professor of Accounting
Michael J. Greenwald, Vice Chair Michael J.Greenwald
Lisa Anderson Morse & Co., PLLP
Didi W. Borden Deloitte Tax LLP
Nadine Holovach PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Brandon Mays Perry D. Reed & Company, P.C.
Robert Rushing KPMG LLP
Jacob Wilkinson McGladrey LLP
Jonathan Horn, Staff Liaison AICPA


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