Tax Careers and Education - Tools and Resources

We have curated a collection of tax careers and education resources to help current and future members achieve success in the profession. 

CPAs who focus in taxation find tremendous rewards and opportunities. With career options in public accounting, industry, academia, and other sectors, tax professionals are able to have a diverse and exciting career. Like any big decision in life, choosing this career path is a challenging and rewarding endeavor. Being a CPA who focuses in taxation takes years of schooling and a commitment to become an expert in a technical area. But, for those who make that commitment and meet their goals, they are in store for a long-term prosperous career, one that is highly respected and sought after.

A key component to a successful tax career is tax education. Tax professors are shaping and molding the future generation of leaders and need classroom tools, research guidance, and engagement opportunities (such as writing and speaking opportunities). Here we provide these necessary tools as well as other guidance to showcase just how rewarding a career in tax can be. Select Careers in Tax or Tax Education below to access the resources that are pertinent to you. 

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