Ethics Enforcement

The Professional Ethics Division investigates potential disciplinary matters involving members of the AICPA and state CPA societies participating in the Joint Ethics Enforcement Program.

Division Statistics

The Division's reports on the most frequent professional standards violations for:

DOL Investigations

Government and Not-For-Profit Investigations

Annual reports of the AICPA Professional Ethics Division disciplinary activity: 

2016-2015 Statistical Report
2015-2014 Statistical Report
2014-2013 Statistical Report
2013-2012 Statistical Report
2012-2011 Statistical Report
2011-2010 Statistical Report
2010-2009 Statistical Report
2009-2008 Statistical Report

Disciplinary Actions

To search for discipline information (e.g., a last name) once you click on a particular month, press "Control+F" and enter the information that you are seeking (for example, a last name). 

                  Disciplinary Actions