Sole Practitioners

As a sole practitioner, you have unique needs and challenges.  According to the PCPS CPA Top issues survey, the top five issues for sole practitioners include keeping up with changes & complexity of tax laws, bringing in new clients, seasonality/workload compression, retaining current clients, the effect on firms caused by new federal & state regulations (e.g., increasing complexity, costs to comply).

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Highlighted Resources

Strategy and Planning

Set the course for your practice through these simple, cost-effective tools. Join a community where you can easily network with peers and share challenges, ideas and solutions.

Practice Growth & Client Services

Explore new service opportunities, strengthen client relationships, and communicate your unique value with these turn-key solutions.


Human Capital Center (HR Resources)

Whether you already have a few staff or are hiring for the first time, these human resource customizable templates will assist you in the process of managing people.

Technical: Quality & Services Delivery

Keep up with tax changes, accounting & auditing standards and deliver these services to your clients at the highest quality with resources that can be easily integrated into your practice.

Financial and Administrative Services

Benchmark your results against other firms in your region and of similar size to map growth opportunities in your own practice.