Tap into Diversity as a Competitive Advantage

Change is everywhere! With generational changes in the makeup of your team and your clients, technology changes, regulatory changes and more, there's a whole new landscape to navigate as we move our firms into the future. So it’s more important than ever to consider new perspectives on age old traditions within our practices and across the profession.

Tapping into the power of diversity in the workplace can enable your firm to capitalize on new ideas and solutions. The true magic happens when you can plug into the unique insights and talents of each individual on your team to help your practice move forward by:

  • Embracing new ways of working
  • Keeping the firm relevant
  • Considering new services
  • Creating new career paths
  • Building inclusive cultures that embrace the entire team not just a chosen few
  1. Start at the Top
    Those in your firm’s key leadership roles are responsible for setting the tone. Your employees look to them for clues about what’s really important. They can tell if something is just another passing fad by observing leaders’ actions and attitudes. Gather support for diversity initiatives long before they are presented to the firm.
  2. Strive for an Inclusive Environment
    Just because you hire a diverse team doesn’t mean each member will feel welcome or a sense of belonging. There’s no worse way to jeopardize employee engagement than having someone feel they were brought onboard simply to fill a quota. To engage each member of your team, help everyone feel welcome and included.   
  3. All voices are Important
    For diversity to have maximum impact in your practice, it’s essential to tap into the insight and talent of each member of the team. Your employees must feel their opinion is important before they will share their ideas. Give everyone opportunities to contribute and share their insights regularly.