An A&A Partner You Can Count On

“Partnerships are good engines for narrative.”

                                Tommy Lee Jones

Let’s face it, keeping up with all the rules, regulations and ongoing changes in the A&A world can be quite a challenge for today’s practitioners. Then there’s the part about writing the narrative to accompany those reports your firm must deliver, not to mention constantly responding to client inquiries. Truth be told, it’s overwhelming. Good news! Did you know there is a resource to help you and your colleagues with all of this and more? It’s called the Center for Plain English Accounting (CPEA) and it assists member firms to understand and implement accounting, auditing, review, compilation and quality control standards.

For starters, there is technical advice and guidance from a first-class team of nationally recognized and respected A&A experts. Through reports, alerts, webcasts and conference sessions, CPEA professionals provide A&A support by describing ‘how to do’ what you ‘need to do’ to implement authoritative literature.

Even better, the CPEA’s clear, straight-forward communication style gives practitioners the opportunity to understand the applicability of the professional literature when they prepare financial statements and audit, review and compile those financial statements.


  • Written responses to written technical inquiries
  • Monthly technical reports covering a variety of A&A topics
  • One seat at eight NASBA-certified two-hour webcasts per year on hot A&A issues (total of 16 CPE credits annually)
  • Alerts and special reports covering recently issued guidance and hot topics
  • Access to an annual eight-hour NASBA-certified webcast
  • Online access to a valuable reference library of past reports

And if you’re a small firm, take note of the special small firm membership option for five or fewer professionals.  The CPEA recognizes the cost constraints faced by smaller practices and understands that their need for practical A&A advice and guidance remains strong.

Are you ready for a new partner? Check out the CPEA.