Three Tips to Keep Your Team Relevant

Relevancy is the new competitive advantage in today’s ever changing workplace. Not only is it a key element in winning the talent war, it better equips firm thought leaders to gain more traction and enables your firm to bring in more new business.

As practitioners, you have a big role to play in positioning your team to keep its edge. Be mindful that it is you and other firm leaders that set the tone. So what can you do to make an impact? Consider these three actions. Not only will they keep your team relevant, they can strengthen engagement, trust and communication.

1. Host Trend Talks
Get started by hosting regular discussions around new and emerging trends taking place around you. Gather the team several times a year to discuss what they are gleaning from peers, clients, referral sources and industry thought leaders. Zero in on areas that align well with your firm. 

  • What areas deserve a closer look?
  • Are there new services to consider?
  • What new technologies are needed?
  • Should you investigate new ways to serve clients?
  • What about new recruiting strategies?  

2. Encourage Lifelong Learning

Not only is continuing education an essential part of the profession’s foundation, it’s a vital component in keeping practitioners relevant in an ever changing world. Make ongoing learning a cornerstone of your practice. Develop individual learning plans that align with personal and firm goals. Encourage practitioners to switch up their subject selection to include emerging topics of interest.

3. Foster Intergenerational Collaboration
As your team identifies new trends that warrant your attention, encourage collaboration between generations. This will draw on the different knowledge and skill set of each individual, while building cohesiveness between generations. As a result communication and trust will improve, while the team will be charting new territory.