Firm Spotlight - Beaird Harris CPAs & Wealth Managers

June 23, 2017


A Holistic Approach to Client Service
Beaird Harris is a local tax and wealth management firm that serves the Dallas market and surrounding areas. We serve closely held businesses, their owners, and high net worth individuals. Our clients are concentrated in healthcare, dental, technology, law firms, sales, franchisees, and other small to mid-sized businesses.  When we began in 1988, we were a traditional public accounting firm.  Over time the need to serve our clients in a more holistic way became compelling and that is how our wealth management practice was created.  Often times, wealth management can be a sales or commission driven service.  Our clients didn’t need a sales pitch for the “latest and greatest” financial product, they simply needed solid financial planning and investment implementation that was mindful of tax ramifications. We decided to provide that help from a fiduciary, CPA perspective, which has been received incredibly well.  Developing a nationally recognized wealth management practice has given us a unique value proposition for our clients and enables us to serve our clients in a deep and meaningful way that cover the gambit of tax and financial needs.  Since our inception almost 30 years ago, we have grown from a team of two to over fifty professionals.

Engaging and Retaining Talent with Flexibility
One unique aspect of our firm is that offer partnership to a larger number of our professionals than the traditional CPA firm.  Over half of our partners are women. We have focused on providing a strong work-life balance to our employees. We offer flexible work schedules and have invested heavily in technology to enable our team to work remotely. Remote work capabilities were originally driven by the need to accommodate working mothers and valuable employees who moved out of state.  However it now benefits our entire professional team.  Public accounting is intense and demanding by nature.  We are always looking for ways to avoid “burn out” to attract and retain a high quality team.  

As CPAs, one of our primary charges is to engage and grow the next generation of CPAs.  A major challenge within the profession is finding qualified people.  In addition to offering flexibility and strong compensation, it is just as important to make sure we are communicating the opportunities that are available in public accounting. I am passionate about doing all that we can to attract and retain talent to our noble profession.

Why We Joined PCPS
Our firm has experienced strong growth and, as we grew in headcount, we needed help managing our human capital. We sought out consulting help, but found many resources to be costly and geared toward a one-time consulting arrangement with little help with implementation.  In doing our due diligence, we discovered the AICPA’s PCPS section had a number of resources that would be useful to us for a modest membership fee. One of the first things we found that was extremely helpful for us was the firm competency model. This, along with other performance management resources in the Human Capital Center, was instrumental in helping us develop a more robust process for completing employee reviews and providing constructive feedback to staff. From a cost/benefit perspective, we have access to resources that would have cost thousands to have a consultant develop for us. Another huge benefit of our PCPS membership has been participating in one of the Medium Firm Networking Groups. We wanted to be a part of a group where we could have meaningful discussions with other partners who were going through, or had already experienced, issues like ours. Our wealth management practice has benefited from this type of group so we have seen the power that those regular meetings can have. Our participation in that group has been tremendously helpful, and we leave each meeting with action items or ideas for improvement.

The Beaird Harrid office has an employee lounge that is used for training, hanging out
or to provide a standing work space for those who would like a change of pace.
 Several employees have standing work stations in their own offices as well.