Don’t Let 2016 Slip Away - Five Keys to Finishing Strong

Hard to believe that it’s already November, huh? Seems like it was just summer. Where did the year go? Instead of pondering its passage, keep focused on the fact that you still have a month and a half before 2016 will go in the record books. Rather than getting wrapped up in holiday and yearend activities just yet, use this time to your advantage so you can finish the year strong.

Consider these proven strategies and action steps:  

1. Revisit your 2016 goals
  • What goals have you achieved?
  • What accomplishments are you most proud?
  • What have been your keys to success?

2. Identify unfinished goals

  • Decide which goals are still priorities for the coming weeks.
  • Keep in mind that priorities change. That’s only normal.
  • Goal oriented people often fret about not achieving all of their goals, even those that are no longer priorities.
  • Unfinished goals can drain your energy without you realizing it, so it’s important to move those goals aside.
  • Go a step further by crossing them off of your list altogether.

3. Break targeted goals into three categories:

  • Personal/Professional
    • What do you still want to accomplish for yourself?
  • Practice
    • What do you still want to accomplish for your practice?
  • Client
    • What do you still want to accomplish for and with your clients?

4. Review necessary actions

  • What work is left to be done?
  • What actions are needed to achieve your remaining goals?
  • Who do you need to meet with?
  • Do you need the assistance of others to enable you to achieve these goals?
  • If so, are they available to provide the assistance that is needed?

5. Schedule it
  • Now that you know what must be done, get it on the calendar.
  • Are there other activities and meetings you currently have scheduled that should be moved to 2017?
  • Are there other appointments on your calendar that should be removed altogether due to shifting priorities?

Finish strong practitioners, finish strong!