Don’t Let Your Clients Get Hoodwinked by Cyber Theft

During this season of tricks and treats there are lots of things we as practitioners can do to help our clients prosper. Cybersecurity is one that should be atop the list. From online payments and online banking to e-filing and file sharing, we live in an online world. The downside of all this convenience is that cybercrime is on the rise. Although this is not something most of us want to think about unless we have to, it has become a startling new reality.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. So it’s the perfect time to zero in on what your firm can do to help keep clients safe online in this increasingly connected world.

Here are three steps to get you started.

  1. Raise awareness
    Start by raising awareness of cybersecurity with your clients. Educate them about the risks they and their businesses face. 
  2. Survey the situation
    Next, take a closer look at your clients’ online routines. Identify potential problem areas and proactive steps they can take to protect them and their businesses.
  3. Provide resources
    As you work with your clients, provide tools they can use to help ward off attacks.

Did you know there is a new resource center to help you with all of this? AICPA’s Cybersecurity Resource Center is filled with tips and tools to help you and your colleagues keep your clients safe. Some of the resources you will find inside include:

  • Practitioner Identity Theft Checklist 
  • Best Practices for Keeping Client Data Secure
  • Client Letter to Protect Against Tax Related Identity Theft
  • How Clients Can Protect Data from Hackers
  • Recognizing Identity Theft

Don’t let your clients get hoodwinked. Now is the time to help safeguard them against cybercrime.