Don't Forget Yourself this Holiday Season

As the season for giving is upon us, don’t forget to include yourself on your list. Let’s face it practitioners, you work hard to take care of clients, colleagues, referral sources, boards of directors and members of the community, not to mention your family and friends. In between all your giving to others, it is important to pamper yourself a little bit. No, it’s not about being selfish but rather rewarding you for all you do for others.  So make sure you are on your own gift list.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to consider. Think about your gift with the same care you would expend for a friend or loved one. Many of the best gifts are those you cannot purchase. What’s more many of them can only come from you. After all you know yourself better than anyone and you know what you really want and need this year. 

Give yourself permission to:
  • Plan a special vacation
  • Work a more flexible schedule
  • Make more time for exercise and meditation
  • Let go of clients you no longer want to serve
  • Try something new you have always wanted to do
  • Pass work down to other staff
  • Purchase a gift you have wanted for a long time
  • Learn a new skill that is of interest to you
  • Forgive yourself for a nagging mistake you made in the past

Here’s to giving yourself something special this holiday season, a little bit of your own attention. Go ahead. You deserve it.